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Learning In New Ways

New technology has been marketing towards children and babies as new generations emerge. Children will always be more technologically advanced than most adults because of the amount of technology that is available to them at such young ages.

Because of this, it has been a major goal for Disney’s company to come out with new learning applications on Smartphones as well as learning devices in general to market to young children. The new program invented by Disney will be called Imagicademy, which will market to children between the ages of 3-8. In an article written by Brooks Barnes which was tweeted about by Adam Goscinski, she discusses the details behind this new information. According to Barnes, Disney plans to launch 30 applications that have “experiences centered on various subjects – math, science, language arts, emotional and social skills.”

These new apps can have improvements in many areas when it comes to the development of children. There are often times that children, especially when challenged with a learning disability, are resistant to learning. With new applications that focuses on things that peak children’s interests, it becomes a lot easier to get them motivated. Turning learning into something collaborative and fun is something that every company should strive to do and Disney is making the first steps to accomplish this.

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Pencil and Paper vs. Screen and Finger

The technological world is changing faster than they eye can see. Along with technology advancing, writing is changing as well. As a future early childhood educator, I decided to take a look at an application called iWriteWords Lite. This version is the preview of the app called iWriteWords, which is on the app store for $2.99.

This app was created to teach children how to write. Users must collect the numbered balls in order, by dragging their finger across the screen. The balls are placed in order to form specific letters and numbers. By doing this, children are learning how to form these characters. screen568x568 (1)

There are multiple options to chose from when using this app. Children can trace numbers, capital letters, lower case letters, capital words, and lower case words.screen568x568

So what does this mean for the future?

Before technology, children were taught to write using the basic pencil and paper method. I feel like applications like these are problematic for the future of children’s writhing. Though users are able to learn the proper way to form letters and numbers, they are not gaining the true experience of handwriting. Forming letters from their fingertips is not the same as forming letters through physically writing. I feel that once a child begins physically writing, they may struggle.

Interestingly enough, this app does not go hand-in-hand with Bolter’s idea of remediation from his article “Writing as Technology.” Through remediation, a technology is coming into existence, and replacing a past one. Usually, the new form is more advanced, and convenient. Apps like these are remediating the basic pencil and paper writing. Instead of learning the basic, well-known way, children are being taught through apps such as iWriteWords.

More and more technologies like this app are coming about, changing the way that children are learning the writing process. It’s clear how prevalent technology is becoming, and these children are growing up right in the center of this technological age.

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