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Unacknowledged posts on social media can be embarassing…

Yep, it’s happened to all of us. You think of something good. Post it on Facebook. Wait for the responses, the “likes”, the “comments,” the little windows to pop up in your browser and tell you that someone has acknowledged your post- validating your cleverness and essentially confirming your worth as a human being. You live for that response. You need that validation. Only when you post….crickets. Now before you know it a week has gone by and you got one lonely little post sittin’ like a zit on the face of your profile page.

Not cool, right?

Well, lo, and behold, there’s an inforgraphic to help us make sure this never happens again! Huzzah! Praise be to the Social Media Gods…or at least to the good folks over at Mainstreethost, whom this article comes from.

The chart contains a lot of useful little tidbits like, “The best time to tweet is between 1-3pm” or the most responded to tweets contain a “call to action.” Facts like this may save us from the ever embarrassing un-acknowledged posts, which, to use a more elegant phrase, ain’t nobody got time for. Check out the chart to maximize your social network abilities. I’m serious. Do it right now.

It’s almost like I’m calling you to action…

Check out this while your at it. It’s our class twitter account, which is where I got the article from another student’s tweet.

(That’s two calls to action. I can see my views skyrocketing already!)


Accessibility is Key

There are many writing applications that are available to download on a Smartphone. Werdsmith is an intriguing app by Nathan Tesler that assists writers in completing their work. The application allows you to write, share, and receive ideas.

This application is a basic way for writers to keep track of multiple writings on their one device. Werdsmith organizes all different writings into two categories: ideas and projects. The ideas section is basically a place to jot down draft ideas that you are willing to explore. The projects column is a place for almost finished or finished ideas that have progressed into projects. There is a place on this app for you to plug in your e-mail address, which allows you to connect your projects and ideas with your e-mail as well as fellow e-mail addresses you may have such as friends, publishers, etc. This application is unique because it allows the writer to pick a time preference when they enjoy writing, such as the morning or the evening. After picking the time preference, Werdsmith will nudge you (alert your phone) to begin writing which is a struggle for many writers.

This app adds a bit of flavor to the process of writing and publication that many new age writers are looking for. With Werdsmith’s accessibility and reliability, it is easy for writers to be intrigued by this application.

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Just NotePad Review

The JustNotepad App for android phones is exactly that-just  a notepad. Sure there are a few bells and whistles thrown in-the option to doodle, (the ability to doodle over your already written notes is particularly satisfying), a user friendly “Copy-Paste” system that any Microsoft Word user will figure out in a second -but mainly, it is just a simple notepad. Not sure that the app “remediates writing” the way parchment replaced papyrus, or the word processor replaced the keyboard( a la Bolter)  but it does have some neat features. Devos and Porter, the authors of an ingenious piece on the influence of Napster on the writing world, take a similar stance on how new technologies often remediate an old one. The whole time I was using JustNotepad I couldn’t help but hear all those self-important writers in my head who say “I carry a notebook with me evreywhere I go.” I often wonder about these people who I see with actual notebooks. Not too sound snide, but with a smartphone, who actually needs that?

An excellent thing about the app is that it saves automatically, Google Docs style. Scribble something on your notepad and you won’t have to worry about it getting lost because you forgot to press the save button. That’s a neat feature-but probably a better feature of the app is that it’s free. A few of the writing apps I’ve looked into came with a price tag and I can’t imagine any of them being worth it. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d just as soon not write a novel on my smartphone. At least until the technology gets a bit better, I can’t imagine writing anything that long with just my thumbs. For the moment, I’d ignore those other high priced writing apps unless you think it’s really worth it. I mean, if you consider yourself a writer, do you really need to pay. $1.99 for a writing app to generate ideas for you? For it’s price tag of $0.00, you can’t beat just Notepad for it’s usability-especially if you are like me, and save your real writing for a desktop (or laptop).  For to do lists, or grocery lists, the app is perfect.

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