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Social Media: Affecting Futures

As previously discussed on this blog, social media is something that may have consequences. The use of social media is a necessity to the new generation of students and therefore they are at the most risk. Because of the young ages that begin social media use, it is important for parents to take action and provide caution with their children.

Mother and daugther smiling at laptop while using webcamFellow blogger, Alexis Lane tweeted about an article by Alexandra Pannoni, she discusses the actions that parents may be able to take in order to prevent their child from potentially threatening their future. The first step in helping your child understand their actions is open communication about the different scenarios social media could cause. Showing general interest in the social media apps that your child is using may be able to cause them to think more consciously.

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Creativity-not just for English students!

The concept of Dan Holden’s article Creativity is the key to Education, so why aren’t we persuing it? is that the government just doesn’t understand the importance of creativity. I couldn’t agree more with the statement. I don’t see any real problem with the STEM program, per se, only that creativity gets the short end of the stick. The article really touches upon a little discussed aspect of creativity, in that it is not something that only belongs to “certain” branches of learning.

Like Dan Holden, I too believe that creativity can apply to any learning discipline-furthermore, I would take this concept one step forward and argue that creativity exceeds the limitation of being only for certain school subjects. Rather, creativity can apply to anything at anywhere at anytime. It seems like such an obvious statement but, as the the article demonstrates,  many people don’t understand it-they think creativity should be contained in a neat little box and left to the English students. We need to encourage creativity in math and science especially-how else will we come up for cures for diseases like AIDS or cancer? Certainly this can only be achieved by an out of the box thinker and if we convince future scientists that creativity is useless, it may never happen. Kudos to Dan for pointing out the issue!


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Technology brings opportunities- Always a good thing?

In Sherry’s Turkel’s  very interesting article”Who am We”, I found the most startling idea to be MUD’s. I’m a technological native and I never even knew such a thing existed. I played a lot of online games when I was a kid but I never really thought about it quite as deeply as the author of this article-who knew that I was actually participating in a worldwide communication revolution? Here I just thought I was having a blast playing a game! Games like WoW (World of Warcraft) and other mmorpg’s, (Massive multi-player online role playing games), in which millions of people around the world play and communicate together kind of remind me of the MUD’s…except, of course, they are not focused on sex and relationships.

I find the type of communication mention in the MUD’s to be quite creepy, if I’m being honest. Not that I want to sound judgmental, but I often question the direction technology is taking us. The fact that the computer can make people virtually faceless is pretty scary. I know a lot of people in MMorpg’s “virtually-cross dress” as many users did in the MUD. I’m not really sure what this signifies about our culture, but I think that the internet definitely affords people the opportunity to become someone else. I think that this is a deep seated desire in human nature and technology is making it easier and easier to achieve this. Another great thing (or not so great) about technology is that there is little to no repercussions. The married man in the article used the MUD’s to virtually have intercourse with other women. I’m not sure where the ethics lie in this issue.Again, though, I hate to sound judgmental. If both partners are fine with it in the marriage, I guess it’s not my, problem is it?  Regardless, new technology is definitely allowing us new opportunities-whether these are always good, as in the case of MUD”s, is up for debate. Take a look at Sherry Turkel’s article for yourself (hyper-linked at the top)  and-see what you think about this.  Maybe I’m just being old fashioned.

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