Unacknowledged posts on social media can be embarassing…

Yep, it’s happened to all of us. You think of something good. Post it on Facebook. Wait for the responses, the “likes”, the “comments,” the little windows to pop up in your browser and tell you that someone has acknowledged your post- validating your cleverness and essentially confirming your worth as a human being. You live for that response. You need that validation. Only when you post….crickets. Now before you know it a week has gone by and you got one lonely little post sittin’ like a zit on the face of your profile page.

Not cool, right?

Well, lo, and behold, there’s an inforgraphic to help us make sure this never happens again! Huzzah! Praise be to the Social Media Gods…or at least to the good folks over at Mainstreethost, whom this article comes from.

The chart contains a lot of useful little tidbits like, “The best time to tweet is between 1-3pm” or the most responded to tweets contain a “call to action.” Facts like this may save us from the ever embarrassing un-acknowledged posts, which, to use a more elegant phrase, ain’t nobody got time for. Check out the chart to maximize your social network abilities. I’m serious. Do it right now.

It’s almost like I’m calling you to action…

Check out this while your at it. It’s our class twitter account, which is where I got the article from another student’s tweet.

(That’s two calls to action. I can see my views skyrocketing already!)


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