Pain in the Palm of Your Hands

Blogger, Liz Romeo, tweeted an article about cyber bullying.

As a future educator, I am extremely interested in this topic. It’s important to be aware of what’s going on in a child’s world, and the proper ways to deal with it. Cyber bullying is becoming such a prevalent issue amongst teenagers, and even children. Growing up in a time when social media is booming makes it so easy and accessible for situations like these to occur literally in the palm of your hands.

The article mentions how experts are now referring to cyber bullying as “social assassination.”

teen texting

Cyber bullying incidents really can have a negative impact on people. Threats can even be made through social media. Not only is a situation like this very upsetting, but it can also be extremely scary.
Cell phones make it even easier for this to happen. This small, hand-held device, has the ability to do so much damage. It all just depends on the person’s actions behind it. Before social media became so popular, there weren’t as many ways for bullying to occur. Now, there are so many ways to attack a person, which is extremely scary.

Another huge issue is that a lot of these new applications and websites allow things to be posted anonymously. Now, people can be attacked, and not even know whoimgres is doing the attimgresacking. The article mentions websites like, and Whisper, which allow posts to be anonymous.

Apps like this make it so simple for cyber bullying to occur to anyone, anywhere in the world.

“Why be mean to someone you don’t even know” -Lance Arrieta, high school sophomore

It’s so clear how much technology is impacting the social world. Now, threats and negative comments can so easily made and posted for the entire world to see.

Personally, I hope we can find a way to eliminate this type of bullying to the best of our ability.

The article provides a link to Go here to help educate yourself about cyber bullying, as well as learn ways to address these situations. Educate yourselves so we can put an end to this “social assassination!”

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6 thoughts on “Pain in the Palm of Your Hands

  1. carlynorman8 says:

    I love the embedded quote, “Why be mean to someone you don’t know?” I think that more school-aged children should be thinking this way because it’s a lot easier to be nice than it is to antagonize others for their appearance or behavior. As a future educator as well, I recognize the cyber-bullying is so prominent in this day in age, and that’s devastating to me. I think that a lot of this could be eliminated if parents were more involved, but it’s important for us future educators to stay on top of our students and what they are posting to the Internet.


  2. alexislane22 says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize that certain Apps like the ones you mentioned were used for things like cyber bullying. It’s sad that Apps that probably were originally created to conceal identity and protect safety, can turn into something so negative, like a way to bully without revealing your identity. When I think of bullying I still picture a kid in school being shoved in a locker. It’s very scary that bullying has been taken to such a huge extreme with the new technologies.


  3. sherryt0 says:

    The problem with technology is that people are never alone. When a student goes home from school, his classmates go with him in the form of a cell phone or a computer. Therefore, the threat of bullying is also increased by this distance. I really think that bullies get emboldened by the fact that they no longer have to bully personally. Some people think social media is simply a “torture from the comfort of your home” app. Sickening.


  4. trushk84 says:

    I, too, am a future educator, and this topic is of much concern to me as well. As an Aunt to a 2nd grader, I am lucky enough to have the “inside scoop” on what elementary school children are doing online. She actually went through a cyber bullying case a few months ago, and the situation was something that I only imagined would happen. There was a fake Instagram account made of my niece, and there were vulgar messages being sent back and forth between 2ND GRADERS!! This situation completely blew my mind; I now see myself as an advocate to younger children for internet safety.

    Great article!


  5. lizromeo says:

    Thanks for blogging about the article that I tweeted! I think that cyberbullying is especially scary to me just because people will do and say so many more things on there than they will in person. I also agree that that’s insane that in just second grade, children were sending vulgar messages back and forth–I barely knew what the internet was at that age! It’s scary to think what my own kids will go through in terms of social media and the internet.


  6. agoscinski says:

    I am also a future educator, and I agree with your statement “Cyber bullying is becoming such a prevalent issue amongst teenagers, and even children.” (Liz Romeo). I think that Johnson’s article “How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live,” is right. Social media changes the way we live, and our lives in the classroom. Cyberbullying is an issue that is difficult to control, so bans are put on cellphone use. When the true responsibility of the school is to teach the students about the downfalls of the new technologies. The positive areas should be understood by the students as well. This can be done through discussion and explanation, or through the implementation of technology and social media in the curriculum.


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