Balancing Social Media: Dangers and How to Stay Safe

Social Media can be both glorious and dangerous. Social media can lead to great connection, but it can also lead to unsafe situations or peril.

University of the Pacific has a safety section on their website, and one page is about social media safety and concerns. With the current dangers involving social media going on, I would like to share them.


  • Identity Theft
  • Catfishing
  • Employers can see inappropriate content leading to termination
  • School leaders determining expelling.


How to Stay Safe

  • Don’t publicly post private information
  • Adjust privacy settings for specific posts
  • Be wary of who is following you before you post

Social Media can cause identity problems. People can pretend to be you, or pretend to be someone else to use your information or emotions. We need to make the right connections and be safe while doing so. Also, everyone must be careful about how they share. Opportunities can be squashed if an employer, professor, dean, or principal sees the “wrong” things. Be wise about social media.


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9 thoughts on “Balancing Social Media: Dangers and How to Stay Safe

  1. mfotos94 says:

    It can be really risky putting your information out; but, many people don’t realize that it is also risky to trust that what is listed on the internet is truthful. I think in the internet world, it is much easier to hold a lie and carry it through. This is because of that distance and anonymity talked about in the video we saw for class detailing the culture of YouTube.


  2. samregina says:

    This post is extremely true. Since it is readily available and encouraged, some users have become too trusting of the Internet. I think that people should really monitor their online usage since one bad post could truly ruin a life. Especially in the professional field, it is extremely important to get rid of old profiles and delinquent pictures before it comes back to hurt someone. The scary part about about the Internet is that deleting a post does not guarantee that it is permanently gone.


  3. alexislane22 says:

    It’s articles like this blog post that we read and hear about all the time. It’s obvious and evident that the internet can cause all of these issues for us and our personal lives, yet as much as we learn, read, and hear about it, we still continue to put ourselves at risk for the simple convenience and popularity of the internet. It’s scenarios like these that truly are the ones that you never know until it happens to you.


  4. sherryt0 says:

    Security on the internet is definitely a huge issue. This isn’t the first time I’ve read an article like this. I think that people on the internet get caught up with the idea that they are in some sort of idyllic space. Unfortunately, while the internet’s ability to link people together can seem idyllic-it’s definitely not always the case. The internet has it’s share of good guys and bad guys just like the real world-people should always be cautious.

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  5. wolfman71691 says:

    Its activity like people acting fake on the internet, that makes me think twice about engaging in social media. Not to say that social media is bad, but it creates an aversion for me to be on. Now a days, I only use such sites to engage with people that I know and I use it every once in a while.


  6. hardwickb9 says:

    About a year ago, I woke up to the troubles of Social Media Phishing. When you’re younger and you create websites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, everything you post links a stranger to your identity. Anyone can hack into your profile,as this article states, and copy the offered information. Just think, a complete stranger now has access to your name, picture, friends, personal information and interests. From there, they can do whatever they desire.
    It’s sad that we even need these reminders at the dangers of social media. What once was a cool invention to stay in touch with friends and help us procrastinate from those long boring assignments has now turned into. Dangerous weapon. The bottom line remains that users need to keep social media as a tool for private communication between people they know. Don’t upload information that can be easily abused.


  7. hardwickb9 says:

    A couple of years ago, I started to get worried about the issues involving internet security. The amount of information that social media websites requires is risking each user’s identity. Users need to become more aware of the dangers involved in social media. The interesting part of this article is that it is mostly common sense. Don’t overindulge in the information you share an don’t befriend anyone unless you know them personally. Simple. Yet these lay the foundations of most users’ problems. It’s time social media was boiled back down to its fundamental use: keeping friends and acquaintances in touch without face-to-face communication.


  8. rayc95 says:

    I agree! Social media can definitely have its negatives. That’s why it is so important to be careful on what you out online. I know nowadays catfishing is a huge problem because meeting people online is at an all time high is popular now. This is one of the reasons why I also like face to face interaction.


  9. catletts0 says:

    Social media can be a fun, happy place as well as a scary, harmful medium. So many people fall victim to cat fishing and scams, and many times all of the warning signs were present. My biggest rule for social media is that if I don’t know a person, we aren’t friends. I don’t care if you know my aunt’s mother’s cousin’s son, if I don’t know you more than an acquaintance, we are not friends online. Now I’m not a celebrity of a person of influential importance, but my life, as well as those around me are no one’s business but ours. No need to share your story with the world, because someone, somewhere will eventually try to take your identity.


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