Learning In New Ways

New technology has been marketing towards children and babies as new generations emerge. Children will always be more technologically advanced than most adults because of the amount of technology that is available to them at such young ages.

Because of this, it has been a major goal for Disney’s company to come out with new learning applications on Smartphones as well as learning devices in general to market to young children. The new program invented by Disney will be called Imagicademy, which will market to children between the ages of 3-8. In an article written by Brooks Barnes which was tweeted about by Adam Goscinski, she discusses the details behind this new information. According to Barnes, Disney plans to launch 30 applications that have “experiences centered on various subjects – math, science, language arts, emotional and social skills.”

These new apps can have improvements in many areas when it comes to the development of children. There are often times that children, especially when challenged with a learning disability, are resistant to learning. With new applications that focuses on things that peak children’s interests, it becomes a lot easier to get them motivated. Turning learning into something collaborative and fun is something that every company should strive to do and Disney is making the first steps to accomplish this.

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4 thoughts on “Learning In New Ways

  1. weisse31 says:

    I really love this idea! Since children are already so familiar with Disney characters, it would be a lot of fun for them to play these games. Some people don’t think that educational games like this can really be considered learning. As a future early childhood educator, I only see benefits with this type of learning. Whether we like it or not, technologies are becoming so prevalent in the classroom, so we have to work with it. I think this is a really fun way for children to be able to learn, without even really realizing that they are gaining knowledge through play!


  2. sherryt0 says:

    I agree that this technology is probably a good thing. Technology like this is the future and the sooner we start teaching it to children the better. With the recent switch in education, many of the necessary standards are geared toward technology. By marketing this technology to children right now, companies stand to make a large profit. I think it’s only a matter of time before every child has some sort of electronic device.


  3. hardwickb9 says:

    As a future teacher, these apps petrify me. It appears that technology is advancing even more in replacing human interactions with virtual ones. I agree that students will enjoy playing with games that promote math, science and art. However, will this hell with their imagination? Students won’t have to exercise this part of their brain; the app will do it for them. Especially scary is the part where this app is described as social. How is working on an app a social process? The pliable minds of 3-8 year olds need to learn how to socialize with people, not apps.


  4. rayc95 says:

    I love this! This seems like it will really beneficial for children. My five year old sister would like this. She loves doing learning activities when it deals with TV characters that she actually knows. She actually improves a lot when she plays these types of games. So, I know if she can do it, it will be beneficial for other students.


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