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Fashion has morphed over the years, once being made specifically for comfort and practicality. Now, calico dresses are gone, replaced with cotton tights, high heels, and sequined blouses. Clothes aren’t just a means to stay warm; they define our desired personality. Author Jay Bolter would characterize this shift as “remediation“, the process of a new invention replacing an older one.

Staying on top of the ever-evolving clothing industry is burdensome. We watch movies. We observe friends. We spend hours at the mall. But what if we could keep track of the upcoming trends by marrying social media with real life? Brazil has developed such a creation. They introduced a clothing hanger with a digital screen displaying the amount of likes that the garment receives on Facebook in real time.

Stores hoped that the innovative hangers would attract more sales; however, experts still remain skeptical. Krista Garcia, an analyst for eMarketer, reports: “There hasn’t really been research yet measuring the value of a ‘like’ in-store, since this is such a new area for marketing”. This viewpoint was further backed by a poll of 15,000 shoppers, all who were asked whether a high “like” count would influence their shopping. Of those people, 52% said that it wouldn’t. Another 23% declared that it would discourage them.

2014-12-05_1331The Facebook hanger may not have caught on yet, but it does prove that social media has an enormous impact on buying. Pinterest, Facebook, blogs and Twitter are just some of the many websites that lure Fashionistas to buy the latest products. A recent search has proven that businesses are rewarded with an average of $8 per ‘like’, and $14 for every share on Facebook.  Peer influence over social media may just revolutionize the clothing industry. With this invention, we may start to see a remediation in advertisement once again, this time focusing on blending social media with daily life.

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One thought on ““Like” this hanger

  1. julss827 says:

    Technology continues to develop in new aspects and ways. These hangers were a good idea by the makers, but I doubt they will become essential to the shopping world. Although many people want to wear clothes that they know are fashionable and accepted in the media’s eyes, I still believe that people into fashion like to own things they find original. Therefore, if a blouse has 6,000 likes already on Facebook, it may turn the buyer off to having that clothing article.


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