How one writing app plans to modernize publication

In the current state of ever-evolving technology, the modern writer needs to constantly be aware of the new modes of publishing. While some may mourn the loss of typewriters and pencils, the benefits surely outweigh the loss of more romantic ways of writing. One of them is easier access to publishing. As a timid writer, who’s perfection levels are bordering on OCD, I would never have the confidence to approach a publishing company about my work. Thanks to the internet and apps, now I don’t have to. I simply just publish my writing via revolutionary apps, such as Werdsmith, and watch as readers respond.

Werdsmith’s founder, Nathan Tesler, dreamed of an app that would enable any amateur writers to collaborate, write, and publish their work. A twenty-year-old Linguistics major, Tesler had no former knowledge about programing. However, that did not stop him in learning code and writing the app in three months. What began as a humble idea to allow him to jot ideas down and write on the go, has now transformed the writing industry. With about 100,000 users, it is modernizing the writer’s process to be more social and mobile. Tesler is hoping to link publishers with budding writers, in similar ways that Instagram has done for photographers.

In Werdsmith, a writer can play with several features. To begin, writers can jot down ideas on their home page. This is just to brainstorm; however, when they establish a goal, which is the amount of words they would like to accomplish in their piece, it becomes a projects. Just like the more well-known writing programs, Werdsmith has options to customize the font size and style.My personal favorite feature is the reminders. Writers can pick a time of day that they wish to write and, when that time comes, a bubble will appear on your phone to remind you. This presents the perfect remedy to the age-old problem of procrastination. If a writer is prompted to simply write one page a day for a year, they will accomplish three hundred and sixty-five pages per year.


After creating an account with your email address, the writer is able to create a profile in which other writers can subscribe to their account and read their published work. In addition, a free account stores and backups the writing in the app.

Just by envisioning an app that allowed writers to connect in a new way, Tesler has created a fantastic tool for tearing down the limitations that writers face. Writing can now be mobile and collaborative, one more step in modernizing technology.

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