Day One: Tweeting Without Twitter?

Day One is a writing app that is identical to a journal. This is an interesting concept – you could have your own journal that can fit right into your pocket. Adding new entries is seamless and only requires the use of one button. Day One also makes logging information much more feasible.


Another positive about the app is that every entry that is logged can be saved directly to a Dropbox account, making all of your information safe and secure. You can also password protect your posts as well as set reminders to use the app daily.

Day One is useful because it helps writers stay in a routine, keep their work safe, and always have their daily activities traveling with them in their pockets.

Bolter states the importance of remediation in “Writing as a Technology”. If he were to review this app, he would see that Day One remediates the paper and pencil journal, composition book, diary, as well as handwritten lists and logs that could get lost. He would note the ease of saving and accessing work from specific days of the year through Dropbox and the calendar feature.


An article from lifehack,com states that Day One can also be used as a “private twitter” – this is very true! You can basically tweet about your day in the app, and the only person who will be able to see it will be yourself!

Day One is available for both iPhones and Macs.

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