Accessibility is Key

There are many writing applications that are available to download on a Smartphone. Werdsmith is an intriguing app by Nathan Tesler that assists writers in completing their work. The application allows you to write, share, and receive ideas.

This application is a basic way for writers to keep track of multiple writings on their one device. Werdsmith organizes all different writings into two categories: ideas and projects. The ideas section is basically a place to jot down draft ideas that you are willing to explore. The projects column is a place for almost finished or finished ideas that have progressed into projects. There is a place on this app for you to plug in your e-mail address, which allows you to connect your projects and ideas with your e-mail as well as fellow e-mail addresses you may have such as friends, publishers, etc. This application is unique because it allows the writer to pick a time preference when they enjoy writing, such as the morning or the evening. After picking the time preference, Werdsmith will nudge you (alert your phone) to begin writing which is a struggle for many writers.

This app adds a bit of flavor to the process of writing and publication that many new age writers are looking for. With Werdsmith’s accessibility and reliability, it is easy for writers to be intrigued by this application.

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One thought on “Accessibility is Key

  1. weisse31 says:

    I love that the app reminds you that it’s time to write. I had an app similar to this which monitored my running. It reminded me around the same time each day to go for a run. Things like this really keep you motivated, and help you to stay on track. By reminding writers to write at their ideal time, they will have the opportunity to get their thoughts down at the time most appropriate for their writing. I like the collaborative aspect of this app. It’s really great to get the opinions of others by sharing work.


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