School Decisions

Social media applications have become an aspect to consider while job hunting. While looking for a new job, perspective employers may look into these apps in order to figure out more information than an interview would be able to administer. People have become more cautious while using these sites which has involved many restrictions. Now colleges have turned to these sites to help them accept and deny potential students.

In an article by Daniela Perallon explains the studies that have shown more universities using this as a real test to screen incoming students. Students who post a lot on their social media accounts usually are posting negatively. These teens are being monitored not only by their own school but by potential universities as well.

For students who do not post inappropriate things on these sites have an even better chance of being accepted. While students who post negative things such as drinking do not stand a chance. Schools have been advising their students to post positive things on their page to hopefully attract universities such as community service, good grades, etc.

The social media sites have become a part of our everyday lives and students can not expect to have privacy from them if they continue to use them at this rate.

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One thought on “School Decisions

  1. weisse31 says:

    It’s so interesting to think about this. Throughout my college career so far, I’ve been told to watch what I post on social media, because my future employers WILL search for me. Before that, I was told to watch what I was posting in high school, because potential colleges would look. I never actually thought they would check, but according to this article, they do. It’s really important to have a good image online, for the world to see. An institution does not want someone who displays negativity or inappropriateness on the Internet to represent them.


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