What is Dating in 2014?

Sydney Weisser

Recently, new dating apps have begun to take over the dating world as we once knew it. Prior to technology, dating was a basic task. With the help of new technologies, the tables have turned in the dating world.

An application called Tinder, provides users with the opportunity to “like” members of their preferred gender. An article by Callum Borchers talks about a Tinder user named Daniel Alder-Golden. Borchers states how users like Alder-Golden are simply there to browse and flirt with people for a brief period of time. Little thought is put into actually meeting the people they match with.

The online dating industry seems to be exploding. The popularity of apps like Tinder are increasing daily. Borchers states that the goal of these applications is to make the experience quick and easy. It becomes casual enough that virtually anyone will want to participate. Efficiency and accessibility seems to be the common theme for technology users.


Jay Wadhwandi, chief executive of Cambridge-based Singled Out, came up with a service in which women can find their matches after responding to a series of yes-or-no questions. Services like this can truly show how much the dating world has advanced. Prior to these apps, individuals had no other option but to interact with potential love interests in person. They were forced to get to know them on a personal level, by socializing.

By these services being free and simple to use, young people are a lot more compelled to try them out. It is clearly having an effect on the way that relationships work. The face-to-face interaction is diminishing, as mentioned before, most users have no intention of actually meeting their “matches” in person. People are granted the opportunity to again, shield themselves behind a screen. Sometimes gaining the confidence that they long for. Unfortunately, this allows people to alter their true personalities, giving their matches a false idea of the reality of the situation.


One thought on “What is Dating in 2014?

  1. julss827 says:

    The online dating world has certainly changed from the days when you called a household line to ask a person out on a date. As well as changing the way people interact and meet, it has also changed the dynamics of people currently in a relationship. Tensions and jealousy have grown drastically since new dating apps have taken off.


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