Success Doesn’t Start in Cyberspace


What makes you a successful person?

Is it your number of followers on twitter? Your friends on Facebook? What about your LinkedIn connections?

Vivian Giang writes about the most common traits about successful people while interviewing author Robert Greene:

Emotional Connection

People who are successful are physically, mentally, and emotionally involved in their work. Successful people don’t haphazardly work behind a screen. Successful people make real connections with the people they work with, and they also fall in love with what they’re doing.

Good Self-Confidence

Successful people believe in themselves every step of the way. They can’t do anything without the most important person in their lives: themselves.

Brain Power

Successful people are always quick on their feet. Their brains don’t get stale. Imagination is constantly pumping through their brains.

Phone Discipline

Successful people know when to turn their phones off and communicate with their work or the people in their surroundings face-to-face. They don’t rely on social media for their social interaction.


Busy minds are not distracted by Facebook. Successful people stay on track and don’t attempt to multitask. Sometimes, all you need is to just handle one thing at a time to get it all right.

In the Present

Don’t dwell upon the past. Live in the now!


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