Social Media Scare?

Recently, social media has proven to be very powerful, now in threatening ways.

A high school in Manhattan Beach was closed down due to threats posted on the social media app Yik Yak.


Yik Yak is an app that connects students from specific colleges and allows people to post anonymously on a message feed. One student in particular used the app to send anonymous threats to the school. The administrators closed down the school in response to the threats.

Is this what social interaction is coming to?

People are now communicating to people anonymously. The power of the written word can tear apart the benefits of social interaction. Closing down a high school over short messages is a serious matter.

Regarding the movement of writing and social media, we all need to rethink authenticity with user creation. The fear of anonymity can only grow and get worse. Even though Yik Yak’s spokespeople state that the app is only designed for college students, it is very clear that anyone can get a hold of this app.

Writing and social interaction shouldn’t be about threats and scaring people. Hopefully the social apps of the future can spark positive change in the ways we communicate.

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