Creativity-not just for English students!

The concept of Dan Holden’s article Creativity is the key to Education, so why aren’t we persuing it? is that the government just doesn’t understand the importance of creativity. I couldn’t agree more with the statement. I don’t see any real problem with the STEM program, per se, only that creativity gets the short end of the stick. The article really touches upon a little discussed aspect of creativity, in that it is not something that only belongs to “certain” branches of learning.

Like Dan Holden, I too believe that creativity can apply to any learning discipline-furthermore, I would take this concept one step forward and argue that creativity exceeds the limitation of being only for certain school subjects. Rather, creativity can apply to anything at anywhere at anytime. It seems like such an obvious statement but, as the the article demonstrates,  many people don’t understand it-they think creativity should be contained in a neat little box and left to the English students. We need to encourage creativity in math and science especially-how else will we come up for cures for diseases like AIDS or cancer? Certainly this can only be achieved by an out of the box thinker and if we convince future scientists that creativity is useless, it may never happen. Kudos to Dan for pointing out the issue!


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One thought on “Creativity-not just for English students!

  1. hardwickb9 says:

    I love that creativity is being recognized as a main source for enriching education. For years, academics has taken precedence over art and physical education. Without this, children’s interest in learning has plummeted. Weaving together creativity and fun will be the antidote for shriveling desires to work hard in school.


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