Computers Grow With Us

I found Sherry Turkel’s “Who Am We?” to be the most interesting essay of Rowan University writing professor Bill Wolff’s collection of Web 2.0 Part I writings. In the essay, she explained the idea of having multiple characters and personas through the Internet. The internet showcases different associations with people, may they be their different events in their lives, occupations, awards, etc. Sherry Turkle explains in her first paragraph there are many Sherry Turkle’s, but they are all the same person. I can see and understand this. As people grow on the Internet, their identities change. Some people try and look “cooler” or want to show off some credits they’ve accomplished recently to build a respectable resume for businesses. Technology is changing the authors within ourselves. The way we write changes as we get older, and our personas grow more mature as the years and experiences go on.

Computers are changing us. Computers are beginning to take on our own personalities and give us new personas for everyone on the internet to see.  Referring to the video we watched last class, technology and the internet is changing the face of writing and poses many issues for us. We need to rethink privacy and who we are. Writing is moving more towards online text, much less than print, these days. All writing is technology, but the technology is changing.

In “Who Am We?” Sherry Turkle writes that the computer allows us to be multiple people at once. We can create as many profiles we want on the internet. Today’s humans belong to many different communities all over the internet, crossing with different kinds of people, interests, and beliefs. We can be whoever we want whenever we are online. The computer grants us this power. There are millions of people in this world, which means for millions of people to interact with online. Very few people interact with online personas in real life, but computers bring these anonymous usernames together.

Later on in the essay, Turkle discusses the future of computers. If everything we already have is in our present, what is in our future? She wonders how powerful computers will become, and how much more of an impact they will have on our lives. I believe that computers will grow with us, and evolve as mankind does in the future.

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